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Acariquara Hardwood

Acariquara hardwood is found in the vast forests of the Amazon basin of Brazil. The trees are easy to spot. The trunk is reminiscent of lianas that have grown together. Curious about how Acariquara can look once processed? View the photo album on this page for some examples of its applications.

Most important characteristics

Acariquara is a type of wood with a typical appearance and natural wild shapes. Our Acariquara hardwood is FSC® certified.

Durability class
Most likely 1.

Horizontal railings, posts.

Specific gravity
880-1040 kg/m3.
Acariquara hardwood has a light brown.
The wood of the trunk is hard, has a density of 0.9 and hardly ever splits. Acariquara wood has a fine to moderately fine wood grain. This type of hardwood is extremely valuable. Not only for its durability because and its resistance to moisture and insect damage during the growth period, but also for its excellent ability to support heavy weights.
Cross wire, messy and irregular.
Timber texture
Moderately fine.
9000-12000 N .
Botanical name
Minquartia guianensis
Other names
Guayacán pechiche
Origin area
Acariquara wood grows in Brazil.
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