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Curupay Hardwood

Curupay grows in the subtropical regions of South America, mainly in Botany and Argentina. This very heavy wood is a true favourite when it comes to floors and other interior applications. Curupay wood owes this to its warm hue and flame pattern. You will therefore regularly encounter Curupay floors in homes, office buildings and gyms.


Suitable for interior applications. Many homes have a beautiful Curupay floor. In its country of origin, this hardwood is also used for hydraulic engineering, bridges, piles, sleepers, wagon and truck construction.

Durability class
Class 1-2
Strength class
Specific gravity
Fresh 1250 kg/m3. At 12% moisture content 1030 kg/m3.
Freshly sawn Curupay hardwood has a light brown colour with dark stripes. When exposed to light, the wood turns to a reddish brown with black stripes.
Very heavy wood. The colour of the spider mite is yellow-brown to light pink.
Usually irregular, sometimes a strong cross-thread.
Timber texture
Fine to medium coarse.
Curupay dries very slowly with a slight tendency to warp. With forced accelerated drying, it is prone to head- and longitudinal cracks, especially at larger dimensions. It is therefore best dried slowly and well controlled.
16150 N.
Due to its high hardness, Curupay hardwood is difficult to work for most tools. It has a tendency to blunt cutting edges quickly.
Pre-drilling is necessary.
Finishing of surface
Good. Due to the density of the wood, it can be smoothed very well after filling the pores.
Origin area
Subtropical regions of South America.
Other names
Curupay (Paraguay, Argentina), cebil colorado (Argentina), angico preto (Brazil).
Background information
Curupay wood has a slightly astringent taste and an indefinable odour. The bark contains ± 15% tannin. The bark is used for dyeing clothes and tanning hides.
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