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Sucupira Vermelho

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Sucupira Vermelho Hardwood

Sucupira Vermelho hardwood has a typical reddish brown colour and a coarse structure. This hardwood species is seen as a great construction type of wood, making Sucupira Vermelho (also known as Andira) ideal for heavy constructions and bridges. Due to its high customisability, Andira is of course also highly suitable for all kinds of projects, not just for heavy-duty projects.


Constructionwood for inside and outside application, inside- and outside paneling, heavy constructions, bridges, walking sticks, handles, pool cues, etc

Specific gravity
Fresh cut 950-1200 kg/m3, at 12% moisture level (700-)850 (-1000) kg/m3.
The color of the heartwood is bright brick-red or dark red to brown-red, which stands out sharply against the yellowish-white to light yellow-brown sapwood. Light-colored bands of parenchyma tissue give andira a very striking appearance.
Relatively slow, with little distortion.
7150-7800 N Janka.
Sucupira Vermelho is easy to machine. Planing is sometimes difficult because of the alternating hard and soft parts.
Origin area
Brazil, Suriname, Guyana, French Guyana and Middle-America.
Other names
Andira, Acapurana, Sucupira vermelho (Brazil), Saint Martin rouge (French Guyana), Red cabbage bark, Red cabbage tree (Guyana and Honduras), Angelin (Antilles), Rode kabbes (Suriname)
The grain of Sucupira Vermelho wood is straight, cross grain is often present.
Timber texture
Coarse texture.
Presumably minor.
Pre-drilling is recommended.
Finishing of surface
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