Cumaru wood bench San Blas Bloemendaal

San Blas Beach Pavilion

Today, beach pavilion San Blas has become an integral part of the Bloemendaal aan Zee coastline. Whether it is in the summer with a glass of wine or during in the winter with a cup of hot chocolate, avid beachgoers can enjoy themselves here all year round. In 2015, San Blas succeeded the somewhat outdated beach club previously known as “Lido”. Lido had to make way for a brand new permanent beach pavilion with a hip interior made all from sustainable materials. Frank van Rossem and architect Hjalmar Fredriksson designed the San Blas pavilion with a central focus on being "green". This resulted in a roof lined with solar panels, excellent insulation and the use of highly sustainable construction and aesthetic materials. Sustainable wood is perhaps the most important of these.

Van den Berg Hardhout supplied all of the wood for the terrace and for a spacious beach bench. Untreated Cumaru was used for both, as it met all the criteria for the project. This type of wood falls into durability class 1, which makes it highly resistant to adverse weather conditions typically prevalent on the coast. It is FSC® certified, has a beautiful appearance and we were also able to supply approximately 20 cubic meters of Cumaru from top grade stock in various width. This was necessary, because the decking boards for the terrace had to have different widths. This gives the terrace a playful look. Van den Berg Hardhout has kiln dried the Cumaru boards back to approximately 14%, which ensures optimum stability, strength and durability with a thickness of 22 mm.

After a major renovation, the gorgeous pavilion of San Blas now provides its guests with a stylish haven 365 days a year on the beach of Bloemendaal aan Zee, and that is partly thanks to Van den Berg Hardhout!

Cumaru tropisch hardhout strandbank San Blas
Hardhout strandpaviljoen San Blas
Cumaru vloer wordt gelegd in strandpaviljoen
Hardhouten bank met heerlijk zonnig plekje uit de wind
Team Van den Berg Hardhout hardwood suppliers

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