louro gamela offered with FSC certification

Introducing: Louro gamela

At Van den Berg Hardhout we see the demand for Louro gamela growing. This relatively unknown, but beautiful type of wood is on the rise in the Netherlands. Recently we supplied Louro gamela planks (with block profile) for the facade cladding of a modern house. You can view the (envious) result of the Louro gamela cladding here.

Our Louro gamela wood comes from FSC® certified forests in South America. The wood species belongs to the Laurel family (Lauraceae); one of the most important woody plant families in (sub)tropical forests in ecological terms. Louro gamela is stable and durable (class 2). Its attractive and uniform reddish-brown colour makes Louro gamela a very popular type of wood for facade cladding. It can also be used as garden wood, fence boards and outdoor furniture.

Did you know that your Louro gamela wood ages very nicely? Without finishing and with good ventilation, the wood will turn to silver-grey within a year. It also gets a weathered look. In many projects where Louro gamela is chosen, the tropical hardwood has plenty of room to shine. Louro gamela, for example, has a prominent role in the cladding of the chalets in Camping de Brem. We'd love to see that!

Machine and manual editing of Louro Gamela is quite simple. The wood does have a somewhat dulling effect on tools. We recommend that you let us finish the wood professionally as we know exactly how to best dry Louro gamela wood. If the wood is not handled carefully during this process, cracks can occur, which would be a shame.

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