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Sustainable hardwood is always a good choice

Hardwood for public spaces, in earthworks, road-building and hydraulic engineering, and in landscape and garden design.


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Sustainable hardwood: always a good choice Applications

At Van den Berg Hardwood, we supply wood for a variety of applications. From high quality hardwood for the most visible parts of construction, to functional hardwood that blends into the ground. Virtually all of our hardwoods get a keen spot in outdoor spaces. We have plenty of great examples. Our hardwood is mainly used in public spaces, civil engineering and landscaping.

Wood types and applications

Whatever role our hardwood ultimately plays depends largely on the type of wood chosen, as no two types of wood are the same. All hardwoods possess unique external characteristics and qualities. One lends itself well to construction work because of its strength. An attractive colour or wood grain makes a wood species ideal for decorative applications. For example, Muirapiranga wood often shines in solid wood furniture, musical instruments and jewellery. Van den Berg Hardwood is happy to advise you, so you can choose the most suitable wood species for your project.

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Hardwood application for a wooden bridge
Hardwood used for a beautifull jetty
Hardwood project for street furniture and benches
Outside beach bench of FSC wood
Tropical hardwood used in an office garden
Office garden design with use of hardwood


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