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Hardwood poles with or without pointed heads in many different sizes and types of hardwood are available at Van den Berg Hardhout BV. If your prefered size is not amongst our standard sizes, please contact us for customization.

Also for planed, dried and sawn hardwooden poles we can help you. There is plenty of storage, so there is always sufficient stock available and delivery times remain low.

Van den Berg Hardhout BV is a Dutch FSC hardwood supplier, we do not sell to individuals. Our standard sizes of hardwood poles can be found below (thickness x width in mm):

Adapted hardwood poles
Rough hardwood poles

four-sided planed, four round corners
68 x 68
90 x 90

Sawn and pointed
60 x 60
70 x 70
76 x 76
80 x 80
100 x 100

120 x 120
150 x 150
205 x 205
255 x 255
310 x 310
410 x 410

How may we help you ?


Sawing, planing and drying

Flexible, fast and efficient through collaboration with neighboring UVO Lopik

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