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Durable Wooden street furniture

Currently, there are many wooden street furniture projects that are made with FSC® certified hardwood from Van den Berg Hardhout B.V. Examples of use are different types of wooden benches for outdoor areas, but also an entire layout of a square such as the prestigious boulevard project in Katwijk is possible.

Hardwood offers several advantages over other materials applied as street furniture. For example, hardwood is incredibly strong and therefore vandal resistant. This is an essential characteristic for a building material used in public spaces. In addition, the natural look ensures that the furniture blends into its surroundings. In a neighbourhood where steel and concrete dominate the streetscape, street furniture made of wood actually provides a soft counterpart. A number of hardwoods are ideally suited for your hardwood bench or picnic table because of their workability and durability. These include:

A future-proof, sustainable city

By purchasing wooden street furniture, you are helping to create a future-proof, sustainable city. Wood is a biobased raw material and therefore, by nature, circular. This means that the material can be reused if needed. A discarded part of a wooden stable grid can easily get a second life as wooden street furniture or a fence. Sometimes the hardwood is even suitable for a third life! This high degree of circularity does not apply to materials such as steel and aluminum, which are non-renewable.

Examples of wooden street furniture

As a wholesaler, we have had the opportunity to supply FSC® certified hardwood for various projects in public outdoor spaces. A great example are the wooden street benches in the busy city port of Rotterdam. Van den Berg supplied planed boards from Cumaru, originating from tropical South America. The wood was used to make high-quality benches with arm and backrests. Planks were also used for seating areas around the flowerbeds with shrubs. Another beautiful street furniture project is the cemetery in Sambeek. As part of a major renovation, we provided the new farewell area with Ipé benches and decking. The hardwood bench outside the cemetery will last at least another 25 years.

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Need advice? We love to help

Would you like to know what we can do for you? Do you have special wishes, or are you in need of more information for the best wood type? We are here to help and direct you. Van den Berg Hardhout BV is a wholesale company, we do not word with individuals. However we can work together with your contractor.

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