Wooden bridge materials 100% FSC
Wooden bridge project Venco Campus in the Netherlands
Wooden walkway
Venco Campus wooden bridge made of Piquia
Hardwood bridges
Nicolaasbrug in Zoetermeer made of hardwood

Wooden bridges

Hardwood is highly suitable for building wooden bridges, the railings and also the foundations of the bridge. Particularly in a natural environment, such as a park or a forest, a serene, well-build wooden bridge can fit perfectly into the overall vision. The durable hardwood ensures that the wood can withstand exposure to the elements and should be considered almost maintenance-free.

A wooden bridge creates links

With a bridge, you create a practical connection between two points. A link. Bridges are often used over a river or bubbling brook, across a valley or a (rail) road to provide safe passage for cyclists or pedestrians. Wooden bridges, both with and without railings, are a common sight in the Dutch landscape and Van den Berg Hardhout has a wide range of hardwoods in many standard sizes for making a sustainable wooden walkway or pedestrian bridge. It is also possible to provide full customization.

Wood species that are suitable for making a wooden bridge include:

The benefits of a wooden bridge

Wood, as a building material for a footbridge or bicycle bridge, has a number of advantages over alternatives such as steel or composite. Van den Berg Hardhout is happy to point out the biggest advantages of a wooden bridge:

  • Long lifespan;
  • Has that “Natural look”;
  • Largely maintenance-free;
  • Highly customisable and easily modified at any time;
  • Uses ecological and sustainable materials;
  • Having a much lower environmental impact than alternative materials.

Naturally, these types of wood, like all our other wood, bear the

FSC® certified label for responsible forest management. This form of forest management takes into account an array of ecological, social and economic aspects. FSC sets strict requirements before a tree may be felled. For example, forests with high natural values are saved and highly skilled loggers utilise a special method of felling (a.k.a low impact logging). Are you interested in purchasing a wooden bridge for your project? By choosing

FSC® certified wood, you contribute to the preservation of our forests.

Our projects of sustainable hardwood bridges

On the right, you can see a number of photos of beautiful hardwood bridges projects for which we have been able to supply the wood. Van den Berg Hardhout supplies the hardwood to measure and, if desired, pre-fabricated for quick installation. In collaboration with specialists, or with your own contractor, we strive to make every project a success. A good example of a successful project is the Nicolaasbrug in Zoetermeer. This wooden bridge of Cumaru provides a nice connection between the city centre and the Old Village. Want to see more examples of sustainable wooden walkways? Van den Berg Hardhout supplied FSC® certified Piquia wood for the wooden walkway at the Venco Campus.

Advice for your wooden bridge

Every design is different and the location of the wooden bridge also influences the right choice for the type of wood. Near a wooded area or located in proximity to sandy surfaces? By water, or by land? If you want to purchase high-quality and sustainable hardwood for your wooden bridge, we are happy to advise you on all types of FSC® certified hardwood that can suit your project.

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