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Hardwood that has a story to tell

As hardwood specialists, we act as a unique partner for a wide variety of customers. We import, machine and sell hardwood, guided by a clear ideal: a world where people use natural construction materials from economically, ecologically and socially sustainable sources. We believe in hardwood for a better world.

Our mission is the availability of sustainable hardwood for outdoor use. All our hardwood is FSC® certified. And we always seek to go the extra mile for sustainability. We regularly visit our sawmills on other continents, for example. We also look back at all the other links in the supply chain, to make sure that our wood has been produced on an ethical basis. So, when you buy from Van den Berg Hardhout, you too are helping to make the world a better place. That’s a story that will no doubt appeal to your customers.

While attaching great importance to ethical trading, we never lose sight of the fact that you operate in a competitive commercial environment. So we are constantly working to make buying our sustainable wood easy and financially attractive. We offer a range of extra services, for example, which you'll find described on this site. Van den Berg Hardhout means sustainable hardwood and a good deal.

Welcome to a better world.

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Our partners

As a hardwood wholesale company we work together with many different organisations:


We work together with Aphoutconstructions BV in various ways. For example, we participate in Cradle to Cradle, the way for reuse of waste materials in collaboration with Aphoutconstructions.

Climate Stewards

Climate Stewards offers voluntary carbon offsets through small-scale mitigation projects in developing countries. Through this organization, we compensate for our own ecological footprint.

FSC Nederland

The FSC system ensures that our world's forests can be preserved through responsible forest management. With responsible forest management, we aim to protect various habitats that are home to a plethora of plants and animals and to increase respect for the rights of the local population and forest workers. It also means harvesting wood and earning money while preserving the forest. A well-managed forest is less likely to be cut down for other purposes, such as palm oil or soy plantations and mining.


The Insert platform promotes the transition from a linear to a circular way of working. It offers the opportunity to not only think sustainably, but also to act upon it. A great example is the marketplace for used building materials. We also regularly put up products there, which can be found if you search for 'hardwood'.

MAF Nederland

MAF is for people who live in remote areas. With 130 planes and means of communication, MAF promotes their accessibility for help and the Gospel. More than 1,000 (aid) organizations work faster, more efficiently and more safely thanks to MAF. Every 5 minutes a plane takes off somewhere in the world to help.

NL Greenlabel

NL Greenlabel helps to make sustainable ambitions measurable and to actually achieve noticeably healthy housing, and working and living environment in which green and sustainable goals are the central focus. They inspire and connect people who want to make sustainable choices when designing gardens, parks, business parks and residential areas, for example.

De Sleutelbloem

Leerwerkcentrum De Sleutelbloem was created for vulnerable people who get stuck in a psychological disability, like an addiction or difficulties at home, at school or at work. We provide customized care in a safe and cheerful environment. Every person, no matter how affected, is precious. Together we discover unexpected talents, work on resilience and we develop skills to spread our wings in daily life.


SNF stands for SuriNed Foundation, a non-profit organization of nurses and other professionals that work to optimize healthcare in Suriname.

UVO Lopik

The company UVO Lopik, which is located next to our facility, is our regular partner for the storage and processing of all our hardwood. Visit the website.

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