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Hardwood planks

Hardwood planks in many standard sizes
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Hardwood planks

Van den Berg Hardhout BV provides standard and custom sizes for a wide range of FSC® certified hardwood planks. There is plenty capacity, so that delivery times remain low.

Below you will find all of our standard sizes for our hardwoods. If your desired size is not amongst them, please contact us, we also provide customization.

Most of our hardwoods are available in each of the following standard sizes:

Sawn hardwood planks
  Rough hardwood planks
three-sided planed, four chamfered
25 x 145
28 x 190

four-sided planed, four rounded corners
15 x 140
21 x 120/145/19025x120/145/190
28 x 120/145/190

decking planks
25 x 145
28 x 145
35 x 140

  fine sawn
20 x 100/150/200
26 x 100/130/155/200/255/305
30 x 155/200
33 x 130/155/205
40 x 155/205
46 x 155/205/255/305
52 x 130/155/205/255/310
60 x 200/250/300
65 x 155/205
76 x 150/200/250/300
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