Fresh cut Guariuba wood is yellow, but fastly darkens to brown


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Guariuba Hardwood

Guariuba is a hard, durable and reliable wood highly suitable for outdoor use. This is reflected in the many outdoor projects with Guariuba wood for which we have been able to supply the wood. You can see a selection of these projects in the photo album on this page.

Durability class
Class 1, above ground and in ground contact.
Strength class

Guariuba is a very suitable type of wood for the outdoors. It is widely used for outdoor furniture, carpentry, decking, doors, window frames and stairs. Guariuba is mentioned in the list of approved wood species for wooden facade elements (SKH-Publication 99-05).

Specific gravity
Fresh 1000-1200 kg/m3, At 12% moisture content 700-800 kg/m3.
Freshly sawn this wood has a yellow colour, which quickly darkens to brown.
Dry Guariuba wood contains 0.2-1% tiny pebbles.
Straight, sometimes irregular thread or cross-thread.
Timber texture
Moderately coarse.
Drying in the open air is fast without many problems of deformation or surface cracks. Accelerated drying should be done carefully to avoid longitudinal and end cracks.
6200 N, 7800 N on the top.
When working with Guariuba wood, it is considered to be moderately good to good. Cross-threaded wood requires carbide tools to achieve a smooth surface; it has a blunting effect on tools due to the presence of pebbles. Carbide cutting tools are therefore recommended.
Good, nails hold well. Pre-drilling is recommended for screws.
Finishing of surface
Botanical name
Clarisia racemosa
Other names
Murure, guariuba, oiticica amarela, quariuba, tatajuba amarela, moral, mata palo, pituca, capinuri, turupay Amarillo
Background information
The narrow, 20-50 mm wide, white to light yellow sapwood is clearly distinguishable from the heartwood when freshly sawn. It has a bright yellow colour when fresh and darkens to brown/red-brown with a golden sheen under certain light. An attractive pattern can often be seen due to the wire of this wood.
Guariuba is mentioned in the list of approved wood species for use in wooden facade elements (SKH-Publication 99-05). This means that Guariuba hardwood can be used to manufacture frames with a KOMO production certificate.
Origin area
Guariuba hardwood grows in tropical South America.
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