Mandioquiera wood cladding for apartment building Amsterdam
Sucupira amarela wooden cladding
Sustainable cladding wood
Guariuba cladding senior home
Vertical wood facade for modern building
Vertical wood facade cladding for houding complex
Horizontal wooden cladding garage

Wooden cladding

In collaboration with various contractors, Van den Berg Hardwood builds sustainable wooden facade cladding for commercial buildings and homes. We supply the wood, design, and cut it to precise specifications, so that installation is a breeze and goes smoothly and quickly.

Vertical wooden cladding

Vertically mounted wooden cladding is often preferred over horizontal cladding in the Netherlands. However, it should be noted that both variants are durable, if installed correctly. In our product range, you will find various standard sizes of hardwood slats for luxury facade cladding, both processed and unprocessed. Of course it is possible to custom manufacture the slats for you.

A wooden facade for a natural look

Wooden facades are increasingly appearing these days. We don't think that's surprising, because wooden cladding immediately gives a building a warm and natural look. With a wooden exterior, a building can either completely blend into its surroundings or contrast with the others. Also, a wooden facade is relatively easy to repair and you can choose from a diverse range of types of wood to clad the facade.

Wood species used for hardwood cladding

There are many types of wood which can be used for facade cladding, but the best choice depends on the project and of course, your taste. Contact us to select the best choice for your project. Some options are:

In the photos on the right you can see a number of projects related to wood facade cladding for which we have been able to supply the hardwood. A project that Van den Berg Hardhout is certainly proud of is the hardwood cladding of Nieuw Hydepark. The wooden cladding is partly clad (vertically) with Mandioqueira / Sucupira amarela hardwood. Untreated Timborana wood was chosen for Het Ronde Erf for a unique gray look. We invite you to check out all our projects for even more inspiration for your project ideas.

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