Wide range of hardwood sizes

A wide range of hardwood sizes

Hardwood planks, poles, beams and slats. In many standard sizes or custom made.


Delivery from stock

Only FSC hardwood

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Hardwood for a better world

Hardwood beams FSC certified
Sustainable Hardwood Beams
Our range of Hardwood boards
Hardwood poles in standard sizes or custom made
Planed hardwood boards
FSC Hardwood poles

Our range of hardwoods or custom made

We have an extensive range of FSC® hardwoods in the following sizes in stock. Our standard sizes can be delivered directly from stock. If your preferred size is not listed below, please contact us for the possibilities for your tailor made sizes. 

We provide hardwood planks, poles, beams and slats/battens for a wide variety of applications. Whether you need durable hardwood for outdoor furniture or flooring.

Rough and sawn wood:

  • 20x100/150/200
  • 26x105/155
  • 30x150/200
  • 33x105/155
  • 40x150/200
  • 44x150/200
  • 50x150/200
  • 60x150/200
  • 76x150/200
  • 100x150/200

Hardwood poles and beams

  • 60x60
  • 70x70
  • 76/80x76/80
  • 100x100
  • 150x150

Kiln dried hardwood

  • 65x90/105/130/155
  • 80x105/130/155
  • 105x130/155

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Planed hardwood boards

  • 15x143
  • 18x143
  • 21x143
  • 45x70
  • 45x90
  • 68x68
  • 90x90

Planed with non-skid grooves

  • 21x143
  • 25x143
  • 28x143

Planed sheet piling with guide

  • 29x180
  • 39x180
  • 49x175
  • 59x175
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