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Okan Hardwood

Due to its high durability, Okan wood is used as an alternative to Azobé in bridge construction and, for example, scaffolding. Okan is also a very decorative type of wood. It is beautiful and sustainable! We are therefore proud of the projects for which we have been able to supply this type of wood. You can see a selection of these in the photo album on this page.

Durability class
Very durable - class 1.
Strength class

Due to the great durability and volumetric mass (density), Okan can be used for outdoor work, such as piles, civil engineering constructions (ground, road and hydraulic engineering), purlins, but also for street furniture and decking.

Specific gravity
Fresh 1000-1200 kg/m3. At 12% moisture content: 850-950 kg/m3.
Yellowish brown.
A special feature of Okan wood is its smell. Okan has an unpleasant odour when wet. Once dried, the smell is gone. If you are looking for hardwood for your jetty or decking near a swimming pool, it is advisable to choose a different type of hardwood. Okan hardwood is a very decorative type of wood.
Timber texture
Moderately coarse.
Okan hardwood dries very slowly. The wood has a tendency to split and crack, although there is almost no deformation.
12300 N.
The machinability of Okan wood is difficult due to the variable thread course and the high density. It has a blunting effect on most tools. For a smooth surface when planing, a cutting angle of 10 degrees is required. Okan can be used for woodturning and has a smooth finish.
Pre-drilling is necessary for Okan hardwood.
Finishing of surface
The surface finish of Okan planks is good.
Other names
Okan hardwood is also called Edoum or Denya.
Background information
The heartwood of Okan is yellow to golden brown with a more or less light to dark olive green hue, which becomes reddish brown under the influence of sunlight. It sometimes has a deep coppery glow. The broad growth ring boundaries are clearly recognizable on the end due to the dark colour. The sapwood is light pinkish and 50-75 mm wide with a clear colour difference between heartwood and sapwood.
For the current price of Okan hardwood, please contact us. We only supply FSC® certified Okan for responsible forest management. Okan is available in planks, slats and posts.
Origin area
Okan wood originates from Tropical West Africa.

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