Wooden sheet piling
Wooden sheeting for protection
Hardwood sheet piling in water
Van den Berg Hardhout BV supplies hardwood for wooden sheet piling

Wooden sheet pile / sheeting

Van den Berg Hardhout BV supplies hardwood for wooden sheet piling or wooden sheeting. In consultation with your contractor and based on your needs and wishes, we can advise you on the best solution for your project.

Using wooden sheeting for bank protection

Sheeting is a way to protect the waterfront against erosion, waves and other possible erosive forces that can influence or endanger the stability of the bank or waterfront. It is, as it were, an aid to compensate for the difference in height with the ground height and water surface. These height differences can be both small or large. A sheet pile is often constructed at the water's edge and at gardens adjacent to water. The construction sector uses sheeting quite often during construction. Sheeting must be placed tightly to the water’s edge and fixed to the groud, but slightly permeable to prevent differences in water and groundwater levels. Sheeting can be made of concrete, steel, plastic or wood.

Wooden sheeting

You will most likely encounter hardwood sheeting when wood is used. This is not without reason. Hardwood is highly resistant to moisture and fungi and lasts about 20 to 25 years. In addition, hardwood looks the very natural, which ensures a better look and feel in many environments. There is a number of hardwoods that are well suited for wooden sheeting. These include:

Wooden sheet pile

Just like sheeting, a sheet pile wall offers great shore protection. A wooden sheet pile is used at locations where the soil height is higher than water level. For example at a difference of > 1 meter, sheet piles can make a big difference. Sheet piles made of wood are placed vertically in the ground and are connected to each other by means of a tongue and groove connection. Wooden sheet piling is more natural looking and more beautiful than steel sheet piling. By using sustainable FSC® certified hardwood, your wooden sheet piling will last for decades. We are happy to advise you on the best type of wood.

Sheet pile with decking

Placing a wooden sheet pile in a garden can result in a large difference in height between garden and water. Not everybody favours this option, as the possibility to sit directly at the water is lost. A sheet pile wall with a deck, plus an integrated staircase, offers a great solution. The result offers a uniform look-and-feel and a beautiful terrace at the water. In addition to sheet piles made of wood, Van den Berg Hardhout also supplies decking boards (processed or unprocessed) in standard sizes, or custom-made for you.

On the right you can see some wooden sheet piling and sheeting projects, for which we have been able to supply the wood.

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