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Upcycled Wood great and durable timber!

#Circular #Sustainable

During our production process, also residual or leftover wood is created. This wood is characterized by beautiful colours, rough spots, brushes, beautiful colours and high strength classes. Upcycled Wood turns these into posts, beams and planks; furniture, outdoor kitchens, floors and decking.

We make the most beautiful sustainable furniture and floors from hardwood that would otherwise be thrown away or burned. The wood that appears unusable at first sight is given a second life. Upcycling produces beautiful products and is also an environmentally conscious choice.

Because we work with sustainable hardwood, no piece of furniture or floor part is the same. All Upcycled Wood is handmade by our own carpenters, exactly the way you want it. Everything is possible and is completely customizable.

We only use FSC® certified hardwood from sustainably managed forests. This beautiful wood is very suitable for street furniture that has to withstand the weather’s influences. It has a long life and can take a beating!

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