Wooden garden screens made of FSC Cedrinho
Hardwood screens for the garden
Hardwood screens for shielding
100% FSC Hardwood timber screens
Sustainable hardwood screens
Van den Berg wholesale wooden garden screens

Hardwood garden screens

Van den Berg Hardhout can process wooden slats into hardwood garden screens or fences for you. The standard dimensions for these screens are 180x180 cm and the screens are delivered ready to use.

Do you require different dimensions? You can always contact us to discuss the possibilities. We can deliver your hardwood screens in any dimensions you require. Furthermore we are able to process them depending on your wishes. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

All the hardwood we supply is FSC® certified, for responsible forest management. This way you can enjoy beautiful wooden screens in your garden and contribute to the protection of forests worldwide.

How can we help you?

Sawing planing and drying of hardwood

Sawing, planing and drying

Flexible, fast and efficient through collaboration with neighboring UVO Lopik

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