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Hardwood fence fsc for Nicolaasbrug Netherlands
Hardwood fence for horse stable
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Van den Berg wholesale wood fencing

Wooden fencing

Van den Berg Hardhout wholesale supplies all the hardwood for your wooden fencing needs. In consultation with your contractor, we saw, plane and process the hardwood so that it can easily be installed and used by our clients. We are happy to provide you with free advice on the best type of wood for your hardwood fence.

Wooden Fences

Wooden fences can be used for many applications, like railing of a bridge, the balustrade of a veranda or as fencing for horse stables. Our wood is mainly used for wooden fencing as an integrated part of a system with a bridge or as a separation between two gardens. Every project is different and requires a different type of wood and processing. Your project will obviously be carried out with great care. We have a lot of experience in supplying hardwood for fencing and are happy to advise you.

Hardwood Fence for Garden

A fence is a great solution for finishing your (company) garden and creating a boundary. A wooden fence creates a natural and warm look-and-feel to your garden.

We are a wholesaler in hardwood and therefore do not work with private individuals. We are happy to work with your contractor for professional guidance in your project.

FSC® Wood for Wooden Fences

All the hardwood we supply has the FSC® quality mark for responsible forest management. By choosing FSC® certified wood, you contribute to a sustainable and more beautiful world. The types of wood that are suitable for a hardwood fence include:

Please feel free to contact us for advice or a quote.

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