Cumaru timber veranda
Hardwood veranda in brown/red colour
Wooden house extension 100% FSC
Wooden veranda Zwarte Woud the Netherlands

Wooden veranda

Hardwood is an ideal choice if you want to add a wooden veranda to your home. Hardwood is durable and can withstand all weather conditions. A veranda is often used intensively, so it is very important that you use the right type of wood.

Hardwood Veranda for an Ideal Outdoor Experience

A veranda can be seen as an extension of your garden. It is a valuable addition to a (holiday) home. This extension with side walls ensures that you can enjoy a pleasant stay in the open air while still being sheltered. In most cases, a porch also includes a canopy. With accessories such as atmospheric lighting and sun protection, you can enjoy your garden at maximum capacity, all year round.

A popular material for building verandas is (hard) wood. The durability and natural appearance are often the reasons for choosing a wooden veranda. A veranda made of hardwood decking boards can be delivered in different styles. This makes a wooden veranda both suitable for classical buildings as well as modern architecture.

Wood types suitable for making your veranda include:

All our types of wood bear the FSC® label for responsible forest management. The use of FSC® certified tropical hardwood is not only green choice, but also supports the local population, animals and our climate. Using our wood for your hardwood veranda improves the beauty of your garden, as well as the world.

Our Veranda Projects

On the right you can see a number of photos of a project in which we made a wooden veranda in collaboration with various contractors. Van den Berg Hardhout supplies the wood to size, so that a contractor can easily install the veranda. The project you see here was built in the Black Forest in Germany. The red-brown colour of the Cumaru veranda contrasts beautifully with the wooded area and the white stucco of the house. In our humble opinion, this contrast the true beauty of the wood.

Maintenance of a Hardwood Veranda

The great thing of a hardwood veranda is they generally require very little, if any maintenance. The degree of maintenance depends on the type of wood chosen and the way in which the wood is finished. Because tropical hardwood is highly resistant to moisture and wood rot, treatment is not necessary. If you want to keep the original red-brown wood colour, you should periodically treat the wood with oil or stain. In this way you can enjoy the characteristic and warm colour of hardwood for many years. If you rather enjoy an aged look on your veranda, you can simply opt for untreated hardwood. Over time, the hardwood porch discolours due to exposure to rain and sunlight.

Building a wooden veranda

Are you an architect and do you want to expand a client’s home or business premises with a wooden veranda? Van den Berg Hardhout has a wide range of FSC® certified hardwood types. You can contact us for decking boards and hardwood posts for the construction of a veranda. If desired, we can saw, plane and dry the wood for you. We are happy to advise you to make the best choice.

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