Wooden Playground equipment

They do not splinter, have a high durability and a playful character; our selected wood species can be used for playground equipment! We will be happy to give you non-binding advice on the best choice for your wooden playground equipment.

Professional playground equipment

Do you have plans for a new, sustainable playground or are the current professional playground equipment in need of replacement? By choosing tropical hardwood, the playground will get that great natural look. Splinter-free wood is safe and very sturdy, making it ideal for children's play equipment. Thanks to the durable nature of wood, wooden swings, playhouses and climbing- and spring equipment will provide many years of fun!

Van den Berg Hardwood only uses FSC® certified hardwood. All our wood comes from sustainably managed forests. By using our wood for your project, you are contributing to long-term forest conservation. This makes it a renewable material, which is often chosen for circular projects. We supply wood for a variety of applications, much of which is used in public spaces. Wooden playground equipment and street furniture are good examples.

Wooden playgrounds

As a wholesaler of tropical hardwood, we supply boards and posts for playground equipment to various developers. The wooden playground equipment can be found at elementary schools, campgrounds, in parks and playgrounds in public spaces. Here you can see examples of playground equipment projects throughout the Netherlands for which we have supplied the wood. One of these projects is the alpine-style playground of SnowWorld Zoetermeer. At this location, children climb and clamber on playground equipment made from various sustainable wood species, including Azobé and Louro preto.

Suitable wood types for playground equipment

Those who choose a professional hardwood playground equipment have the choice between different types of wood. For example:

Each type of wood has its own unique appearance and distinctive properties. However, they have one thing in common: these types of wood do not splinter and can withstand intensive use. The wood species are therefore perfectly suited for wooden playground equipment.

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Alpenstijl speeltoestellen van Azobe, Louro preto en Louro itauba
Speeltoestel van tropisch hardhout

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