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Massaranduba Hardwood

Massaranduba is incredibly versatile in its use. Bridge decks, floors, structures; Massaranduba wood is the perfect choice. It will therefore come as no surprise that we have supplied Massaranduba planks and slats for many different projects. You can see a selection of these in the photo album on this page.

Durability class
Class 1-2.
Strength class

Massaranduba is used in bridge decks, various construction and garden projects. Furthermore, this tropical type of wood is suitable for tuning and wind instruments. Massaranduba planks are often used for parquet floors.

Specific gravity
Fresh 1050-1350 kg/m3. At 12% moisture content 900-1100 kg/m3.
Massaranduba hardwood is known for its dark red colour.
Freshly sawn, Massaranduba wood is flesh-coloured, darkening to greyish reddish brown, dark reddish brown or sometimes purplish brown. The heartwood is clearly distinguishable from the 30-50 mm wide white to light brown sapwood. Massaranduba hardwood has a favourable strength and has little deflection at shorter lengths.
Straight, sometimes slightly wavy or slightly cross-threaded.
Timber texture
This tropical hardwood has a fine grain.
Massaranduba wood dries very slowly, with a strong tendency to deformation and surface cracks or end cracks.
14200 N Janka.
Despite its high density, it is fairly easy to work with. Massaranduba has a nice smooth finish. The fine dust can cause inflammation of the eyes and mucous membranes.
Pre-drilling is necessary with this type of hardwood.
Finishing of surface
Botanical name
Manilkara bidentata
Other names
Maçaranduba, maparajuba (Brazil), balata rouge, balata franc, bois boulet (French Guiana), bulletwood, beefwood (Guyana), bolletrie, balata, horse meat wood (Suriname).
Background information
In Suriname balata (which is better than rubber for some applications) is tapped from the tree.
Quality requirements
Massaranduba is listed in the NEN 5493 'Quality requirements for hardwood in earth, road and hydraulic engineering works and other construction applications.
For the current price of Massaranduba hardwoods, please contact us.
Origin area
Suriname, Guyanas, Brazil and Central America.

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