Wooden decking

A deck lets you easily create extra outdoor living space. Decking comes in all shapes and sizes, but hardwood decking is by far the most popular. As a wholesaler, Van den Berg Hardhout supplies high-quality, sustainable FSC® certified wood for your decking projects.

Decks and terraces for more outdoor space

Whether it’s a roof terrace or a garden; with a wooden deck, your customer can fully enjoy his or her outdoor space. Wooden decking is a strong platform that is placed just above or on the ground. It creates a perfect ambience for a picnic table, flower pots or even an outdoor kitchen. By constructing a deck, you can quickly create a genuine seating and living space within a garden, patio or roof terrace. Wooden decking can also be used to build a veranda.

Decking boards in different styles

A terrace offers many possibilities, but it offers more than just functionality. A garden with a hardwood deck area simply looks very attractive and can accentuate transitions between a host of outdoor spaces. In our range, you will find decking boards in various colours and styles. This way, you can always fashion a wooden terrace that perfectly matches well with the exterior of your home or business.

Waterfront decking

Decking boards can also be used on scaffolding. Wood can even be used in direct contact with water. Over the years, Van den Berg Hardhout has frequently supplied wood which has been used to create beautiful surfaces on decks and on scaffolds. Do you want to know more? Take a look at these wooden scaffolding here.

Suitable hardwood for decking

A large number of hardwood species are suitable for decking. The best type of wood to use depends on your budget and personal preference. The location of said decking plays an important role in your choice. Are you going to build a decking in an outdoor area where it will be used intensively? If so, it is advisable to opt for a higher strength class. When used close to water, other properties are important to consider and we can help you with that!

Van den Berg Hardhout is happy to advise you to make the best choice. Some types of hardwood that can be used for decking are:

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