vandenberg hardwood wholesale for a better world

Tropical hardwoods for a better world

Using tropical hardwoods from FSC® forests is not only positive for the people and animals living in those forests. Our worldwide climate takes advantage of well managed tropical forests as well.

Hardwood wholesale company

A large variety of hardwoods and plenty of storage

Hardwood planks, poles, beams and slats. In many standard sizes or custom made.

fsc tropical hardwood types

Our hardwoods - 100% FSC®

We carry a great assortment of FSC® certified tropical hardwoods

Hardwood wholesale company in Holland Vandenberg Hardhout

Helping out specialists in hardwood

At Van den Berg Hardhout, we work to make things better. By taking care of the world's forests. And by taking care of you.

For us, that means more than just supplying sustainable hardwood at competitive prices. It also means providing a wide range of extra services. From wood machining and online stock information to consignment delivery and free transport. It means helping out.

Who we are

The use of fsc wood supports the habitat of wildlife

That's a story you can tell a local authority

Because we believe that slightly sustainable isn't sustainable enough

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Daar houden we van. Weten wat je aan elkaar hebt en daar iets tegenover stellen. Dat u bewust kiest voor verantwoord hardhout, schept een band. Maar we bieden u graag een oplossing die ook in zakelijk opzicht uw verwachtingen overtreft.

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