Big wooden jetty from FSC hardwood
Long jetties in Deventer (the Netherlands) by night
Sustainable hardwood for jetty Langeraarse plas
Wooden jetty holiday houses
Recreation Park wooden jetty
FSC timber for jetty

Wooden jetties

A wooden jetty is exposed to the variability of nature and water conditions. This is why it is important to use the right type of durable hardwood in order to ensure that the structure lasts a long time. We invite you to take advantage of our extensive experience in supplying wood for jetties. Contact us for advice or a free quote.

Wooden jetty

Van den Berg Hardhout can help you build a wooden jetty; as a mooring place at a recreational lake or as a private jetty affixed to your own waterfront garden. A wooden jetty can also serve as a refuge with extra floorspace and seating capacity and during summer days it is wonderful to simply relax on a jetty by the water.

In the photo album on this page you can see a number of successful projects for which we supplied the wood. One such project is the wooden jetty in Terspegelt Recreation Park. Our decking boards (Guariuba FSC®) are used to make an array of jetties where recreational users can relax by the water. They can sit both in the sun and in the shade, under shelter. Commissioned by the municipality of Nieuwkoop, Van den Berg Hardhout built a new surf jetty on the Langerarse Plassen. We choose Azobé wood for this specific jetty for a obviously beautiful result!

Which wood is suitable for jetties?

Not all types of wood are suitable for making a durable jetty. In addition to wind, rain and hail, it is also important for jetties that the wood can take a beating and the surface doesn’t become slippery. The foundation posts of a wooden jetty are largely under water. This means that the type of wood must be able to withstand this. A combination of types of wood can be used for the various components. Pre-treatment is also something that must be considered. And last, but not least, it obviously has to look great!

Every project is considered unique, as are your wishes and needs. This happily creates a lot of options for you. Some of the types of wood used for jetties are:

Durable hardwood jetties

The hardwood planks for your jetties will be treated and sawn to size prior to delivery, so they can be installed easily and without any problems. It is possible to treat the wood with a coating beforehand, which slows down the ageing process. In our assortment you will only find FSC® certified hardwood.

Do you want to have a wooden jetty? We can deliver jetty posts, planks and beams directly from stock. We are a wholesaler and therefore do not deliver to individuals, but in consultation with your contractor, we may also be able to make your project a success.

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