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Van den Berg Hardhout is authorized dealer of Forestlines®. Forestlines® combines an intelligent
aluminum profile with untreated wood to make a unique cladding system. It is available with any
wood species which allows for endless possibilities in designing façade claddings and roofs.

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Building safely ánd sustainably with wood

The construction sector plays the green card and is continuously looking to use new, safer techniques and materials. Wood is a durable, sustainable building material that continues to be utilized in the built environment, both as a construction material and for decorative purposes.

Forestlines® is a revolutionary wooden facade cladding solution because it connects an aluminum extrusion profile to a wooden profile to optimize the fire class of the untreated wood. The aluminum ‘lines’ reduce the area of flammable material so that less heat is generated. An exchange happens between the isolating wood and the highly-conductive aluminum, which slow the heat release and can even cool the wood down. This cooling effect is amplified by the “flanges” of the aluminum extrusion profile and the fact that it covers the back of the construction. This is what makes it much safer in case of a fire. “You could see it as fire-free lines in a well-constructed forest”. Hence, the name: Forestlines®

This unique and innovative cladding system has gained international attention and has won the Red Dot Award system 2 in both “Materials & Surfaces” and “Best Innovative Product”.

The innovation introduced by Forestlines®

“When you feel you’re reaching the limits of what’s possible, you shouldn’t just blindly accept those limits” – this is one of the fundamental beliefs of Steven Paulussen, developer of Forestlines®. The idea behind this innovative cladding and roofing system arose from an encounter with the extreme limits of feasibility: it seemed practically impossible to attain fire reaction class B with untreated wood, according to European criteria for reaction and resistance to fire.

“It’s possible to treat the wood to make it more fire-resistant, but each of those methods has its disadvantages. Fire resistance treatments do not provide a conclusive solution to the fire resistance classification criteria” says Paulussen. “With impregnating the wood, there will be common problems like leaching of the product and a negative impact on both people and the environment. Forestlines® is innovative because it’s a combination of untreated wood and an intelligent aluminum profile, which reduces the surface area susceptible to fire.”

The aluminum profiles can be used with many species and different sizes to allow for endless different design options. Because of the combination of untreated wood as a renewable resource and mostly recyclable aluminum, Forestlines® is a sustainable solution for fire-resistant wooden facade cladding. Forestlines® is also the very first to ensure that untreated wood can reach fire reaction class B in end use.

Another prized feature of Forestlines® is that it enables the use of lesser known timber species for wooden facade claddings. The use of lesser known timber species is important for sustainable forest management and to give value to the tropical forests around the world. Of course with FSC® certificate; the certificate for sustainable forest management.

Forestlines dealer van den Berg hardhout
Forestlines® aluminium profiel

De voordelen van Forestlines® op een rij

  • Een ruime keuze aan houtsoorten, maten, en aluminium strips
  • Geen onzekerheden over het behoud van brandklasse, in tegenstelling tot andere behandelingen
  • Beschermt bossen door het gebruik van FSC-gecertificeerde- en minder bekende houtsoorten
  • Geen chemicaliën of onderhoud vereist

Ontdek hoe we uw project kan transformeren. Neem vandaag nog contact op met Forestlines® specialist Van den Berg Hardhout voor meer informatie.

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