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Ipé Hardwood

Do you want to build a luxurious terrace or decking, or install a beautiful facade? Then Ipé wood may be your best choice. Ipé is known for its firmness and uniform structure without pronounced markings. In the photo album on this page you can see a selection of projects for which we have supplied Ipé hardwood.

Durability class
Class 1.
Strength class

Luxury decking, floors, furniture, facades, garden wood, but also suitable for construction work.

Specific gravity
Fresh 1200-1300 kg/m3. At 12% moisture content (950-)1050 (-1150) kg/m3.
The colour of Ipé hardwood is greenish brown-yellow.
Ipé has a fairly even structure without a pronounced pattern. The wood contains the ingredient lapachol, which is visible on the longitudinal surface as (greenish) yellow stripes. Lapachol turns red in contact with ammonia. This makes ipé (Surinamese greenheart) distinguishable from, for example, Demerara greenheart. The wood is very hard and strong, difficult to split and very elastic.
Straight, sometimes cross-threads or irregular thread.
Timber texture
Ipé wood dries quite slowly but has little tendency to deform or crack.
13700 - 16700 N Janka.
Due to its high density, Ipé wood is difficult to work as tools will blunt quickly. While planing, it is recommended to use small cutting angles to avoid crosshair problems. Ipé can be finished smoothly. Good extraction of the wood dust is recommended, as the released lapachol dust may cause skin issues (i.e. dermatitis) in sensitive people.
Pre-drilling is necessary for Ipé wood.
Finishing of surface
The surface of Ipé planks can be finished well.
Botanical name
Tabebuia serratifolia
Other names
Bethabara, guyacan, madera negra (Ecuador), ebène vert, ebène jaune (French Guiana), whalebone greenheart (Guyana), amapa (Mexico), guayacan (Panama), lapacho negro, guayacan (Paraguay, Argentina), tahuari (Peru) , greenheart (Suriname).
Quality requirements
Ipé hardwood is mentioned in the NEN 5493 'Quality requirements for hardwood in earth, road and hydraulic engineering works and other constructive applications.
Most important characteristics

Looking to buy Ipé wood? For the current price of Ipé, please contact us. We only supply FSC® certified tropical hardwood for responsible forest management.
Origin area
Ipé hardwood grows in Tropical Central- and South America.
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