FSC certified hardwood beams and sleepers

Hardwood beams and sleepers

In many standard sizes, or custom made


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Only FSC hardwood

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Massaranduba sleeper hardwood
Wooden sleepers made of FSC hardwood
Sapupira hardwood beams
Cedrorana hardwood beam
Jatoba beams wood.
Louro Gamela raw wooden sleepers

Hardwood sleepers

Van den Berg Hardhout BV supplies hardwood sleepers, both rough and planed. The beams are available in many sizes. We provide both custom and standard sizes. The beams are suitable for example as hardwood sleepers.

We can also provide your woodworking; processing, planing, sawing and drying of your hardwoods in conjunction with the adjacent UVO Lopik. Van den Berg Hardhout BV is a wholesaler of hardwood, we do not deliver to individuals.

The beams are available in the following standard sizes (width x thickness in mm)

four-sided planed, four round corners
45 x 70/90
fine cut
40 x 105/130
46 x 105/130
52 x 80/110
60 x 100/125/150
80 x 130/155/205/310
100 x 100/150/200/250/300
150 x 200/250/300

Your size not here? Contact us for your custom made hardwood sleeper.

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Sawing, planing and drying

Flexible, fast and efficient through collaboration with neighboring UVO Lopik

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