Wood terrace for courtyard garden
Wooden terrace with Guariuba, Cumaru and Piquia
Street furniture and wooden terraces on the beach
Sustainable wood for terrace in garden
Planks hardwood terrace
FSC terrace wood for garden

Hardwood terrace

A hardwood terrace has a warm appearance, is durable and easy to maintain. Moreover, there is plenty of options available with regard to species of hardwoods that one can use for a wooden terrace. Furthermore you can easily choose from many types of processing, depending on your garden, courtyard or your swimming pool, for example.

Custom hardwood decking

We supply hardwood decking boards and process them according to your wishes. This allows you to install them quickly and easily. The delivery of the wood is free of charge! Although we do not service private individuals, we are happy to work with your contractor to professionally guide your project.

In the photos on the right you can see some of the beautiful projects with hardwood terraces, for which we have been able to supply the wood. Need more inspiration? Here you will find all our projects.

Suitable hardwood for your terrace

Our extensive range of hardwood offers many types that are suitable for (terrace) decking. To make the right choice, one will need to consider the location of the wooden terrace. Is it placed next to a swimming pool, indoor space or outdoor space? Or is your future terrace partly covered by trees? This will affect the choice in wood. We are happy to advise you to make the best choice. Some types of hardwood that can be used for a terrace are:

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