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Louro Preto

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Louro preto Hardwood

Louro preto is very popular with architects and is frequently used as facade cladding. That is not without reason, because this hardwood species has a beautiful shine and many colour shades. We have supplied sustainable Louro preto hardwood for various projects to be used as façade cladding. You can see a selection of these in the photo album on this page.

Durability class
Above ground: class 1.

Due to its highly favourable properties, the beautiful Louro Preto hardwood is extremely suitable for use for facade cladding, posts, panelling, decking, sheet piling and sheeting.

Specific gravity
Fresh 950 kg/m3. At 12% moisture content 660-820 kg/m3.
Louro preto hardwood has a light golden brown to dark brown colour and sometimes shows dark streaks and spots. The wood darkens somewhat under the influence of sunlight. The sap of this type of wood is yellowish white to gray. Louro preto has a beautiful shine.
Freshly processed Louro preto usually has a very pleasant smell.
Straight but also cross thread or wavy thread can occur.
Timber texture
Louro preto wood has a fine to moderately coarse grain.
Up to a thickness of about 33 mm, Louro preto dries relatively easily, with some tendency to deform. Thicker pieces are difficult to dry.
4900 N Janka.
Louro preto wood can be worked well and smoothly finished.
Good. Pre-drilling is recommended due to a risk of splitting.
Finishing of surface
Finishing with non-film-forming products is reasonably easy.
Botanical name
Ocotea. spec. div.
Background information
There are only limited dimensions available in sawn wood.
Origin area
Louro preto wood grows in South America.
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