Hardwood Specialists
for the Outdoors

Van den Berg Hardhout BV

2e Industrieweg 19
3411 ME Lopik

T +31 348 820000
F +31 348 820008

E info@vandenberghardhout.nl
I www.vandenberghardhout.com

Bankers: Rabobank Randmeren
Account: 1594.80.698
IBAN: NL79RABO0159480698

BTW (VAT): NL 8502.46.921.B01
KvK: Midden Nederland 51971984

FSC chain of custody nummer: CU‐COC‐816971

Please contact us for more information or a quotation

If we can not provide a suitable offer, we will send your request to one of our partners. We do not sell to individuals.