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Bilinga Hardwood

Bilinga grows in tropical West Africa and stands out because of its beautiful, almost golden colour. In Belgium, the wood is also traded under the name Opepe. Thanks to its high durability class, this hardwood is used for decking and building construction, both for indoors and outdoors.


Bilinga beams and planks are used for building structures, both for indoors and outdoors, high-grade construction timber is used in hydraulic engineering for canal lock gates, barriers, weirs, jetties, bridges, bridge decks, purlins, park benches, fences, gates, company floors, wagon floors, sleepers, parquet, and for building furniture.

Specific gravity
Fresh 900-1150 kg/m3, (660-)750 (-900) kg/m3 at 12% moisture content.
Yellow to orange-yellow, fading to orange-red to golden brown.
Cross-thread, also called tangled or wavy wire.
Pre-drilling is necessary with Bilinga wood.
Botanical name
Nauclea diderrichii
Durability class
Class 1.
Strength class
Timber texture
Moderately stable to stable.
Bilinga hardwood dries very slowly. When dried, both by air and artificially accelerated, the hardwood tends to split and crack. However, distortion almost never occurs.
Despite the great hardness, Bilinga can be worked quite well. Due to the strong cross-thread fibres, a small cutting angle must be used when machiningto achieve a smooth surface.
Finishing of surface
Good. Bilinga can be planed and smoothed very nicely if you use a high quality pore filler.
Origin area
Bilinga hardwood grows in tropical West Africa.
Other names
Opepe, Gulu-maza, Mokese, Kusiaba.
Quality requirements
Bilinga wood is mentioned in the Dutch practical guideline NPR5493:1999, Quality guidelines for hardwood in hydraulic engineering projects.
Looking to buy Bilinga wood? Please contact us for the current price of this wood, and others. Note: We only supply FSC® certified Bilinga for responsible forest management.
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