Boutique hotel sustainable Bilinga wood

Boutique Hotel Beekhuizen
Bilinga and Angelim vermelho (both FSC100%)

Boutique Hotel Beekhuizen is located on the edge of the Veluwe forest. You should spend the night here just for the beautiful, wooded surroundings of the small-scale hotel. It has a total of 21 suites and hotel lodges, spread over the main and gatehouse. On the other side is the Bakhuis, where guests can enjoy a relaxed breakfast or a drink at the bar.

In 2020, the outdoor area of the hotel was overhauled. Our partner VIC Landscapes was called in to build the veranda of the lodges. The great thing about VIC Landscapes is their strong believe in all things eco-friendly. They give trees and shrubs in gardens and courtyards an actual real function. In the end, the choice was made to use FSC® certified Bilinga for the decking parts. Bilinga wood comes from Western Africa and is largely similar to Bankirai. A different type of wood was chosen for the construction; 100% is FSC® certified Angelim vermelho. With these two beautiful, very strong types of wood (class 1), our partner created a veranda on which guests of Boutique Hotel Beekhuizen can sit comfortably and enjoy nature.

Bilinga hardhout vlonder met FSC keurmerk
Prachtig duurzame veranda van hardhout bij Boutique Hotel Beekhuizen
Team Van den Berg Hardhout hardwood suppliers

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