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Itauba wood has many favuorable qualities and is used for constructiion applications as well as for parquet and outdoor furniture. Itauba is often compared with Teak wood. Did you know that Louro Itauba usually contains different colour shades? As a result, no decking board will be exactly the same!

Durability class
Class 1.
Strength class

Louro itauba is a medium-weight hardwood species that is suitable for more constructive applications (construction wood, beams) as well as for applications such as street furniture, facade clothing, wooden terraces and parquet.

Specific gravity
Fresh 1050-1100 kg/m3. At 12% moisture content 850-950 kg/m3.
This wood species has many properties of teak wood. It feels slightly greasy, while smell and taste are mild and not noticeable in dry wood. Itauba hardwood contains tannic acids and can (if the wood is wet) sometimes give black spots in contact with iron. These black spots usually gray to a lighter shade over time.
Straight to irregular.
Timber texture
Moderately coarse.
Itauba dries very slowly, with a tendency to form a crust when hardening, as well as superficial cracks and potential deformation.
5700-5800 N Janka.
Good, dry wood has a blunting effect on cutting tools.
Pre-drilling is recommended when using Itauba wood.
Finishing of surface
Botanical name
Mezilaurus itauba
Other names
Louro itauba, itaúba amarela, itaúba grande.
Background information
The tree can reach a height of 40 meters; the diameter is around 75 cm.
Quality requirements
Itaúba is mentioned in the NEN 5493 'Quality requirements for hardwood in earth, road and hydraulic engineering works and other construction applications.
Little to medium.
Origin area
Amazon and Guyanas.
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