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Muirapiranga Hardwood

Its beautiful burgundy red colour makes Muirapiranga a great type of hardwood! This unique characteristic means that the wood is widely used for furniture, musical instruments and other decorative applications. We have been able to supply FSC® certified Muirapiranga wood for various beautiful projects. You can see a selection of these in the photo album on this page.

Most important characteristics

Durability class
Class 1-2.

This exclusive, very luxurious type of hardwood is suitable for interior and exterior panelling, exclusive luxury furniture, veneer, posts, parquet, woodturning and decorative applications such as jewellery and musical instruments.

Specific gravity
Fresh 1230 kg/m3. At 12% moisture content 900-1100 kg/m3.
A beautiful Bordeaux reddish brown with dark brown/black veins.
The thick sapwood has a yellow-white colour and is easily distinguishable from the heartwood. Often the heartwood has a cherry or golden sheen. Muirapiranga is a very durable type of wood and is resistant to rot, fungi and termites.
Muirapiranga wood is mostly very straight-lined, but cross-threading occasionally occurs.
Timber texture
Fine to moderately coarse.
Very little.
Slowly without major risks, with little deformation and cracks.
9000 N.
Despite its great hardness, Muirapiranga hardwood is relatively easy to work with, and gets a beautiful high gloss once polished.
Holds nails/screws very well. Pre-drilling is recommended.
Finishing of surface
Good, and can be polished to a beautiful high gloss.
Origin area
Muirapiranga wood is found in the Amazon region and Para.
Strength class
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