Wooden fencing developed with old stable grids

Circular fencing
with different types of wood

A special project in Lopik: this fencing has been developed with old stable grids and posts made of different types of wood, including Azobé, Curupay and Piquia. The fence consists, as it were, of 'second-hand' wood. The wood was once part of a farm and is now a self-contained fencing with lots of character. Reusing wood is sustainable and also produces beautiful, unique products. If you look closely at this fence, you will see that each wooden post has a different colour, structure and idiosyncrasies. The red coloured posts provide a playful effect.

The garden fence is the result of the 'Circular future for vacant buildings' (VAB) project. The project is a collaboration between Van den Berg Hardhout, the Insert Foundation and the municipality of Barneveld, among others, and aims to give a second life to parts of stables and farms. This is a great initiative that is closely aligned with our core values. Did you know that at Van den Berg Hardhout we make the most beautiful (garden) furniture and floors from residual wood? We use hardwood that would otherwise be burned or thrown away or for a different purpose. This is what we like to call Upcycled Wood!

Hekwerk met tropisch hardhout (100% FSC)
Hekwerk van Upcycled wood
Circulair houten hekwerk
Team Van den Berg Hardhout hardwood suppliers

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