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Katwijk Beach

As soon as the stormy winter weather gives way to the soft rays of the sun, we all head for the beach. Get a breath of fresh air, relax or have a drink on the terrace. One of the most famous Dutch beaches is Katwijk aan Zee. Many beach pavilions can be found along the 4 kilometer long beach of Katwijk. From February into October it is wonderful to be here. At Katwijk beach, there are also a plethora of beach bars that remain open during the winter.

We supplied decking from Cumaru for the terrace of a beach pavilion in Katwijk. In our extensive range of hardwoods, many hardwood species lend themselves very well as (terrace) decking. Cumaru is one of these types. This has to do with the strength class (D60), long lifespan, attractive colour and the beautiful stripe pattern of this wood. In addition, Cumaru FSC hardwood is easy to work with, which means that the surface can be made very smooth. This is obviously a favourable characteristic of great importance, for a beach terrace where people tend to walk bare foot. Would you like to know more about the possibilities for your own terrace? Here you will find more information about hardwood terraces.

Strand Katwijk Cumaru Terras
Camaru Hardhout Vlonderplanken
Toepassing van Cumaru Tropisch Hardhout
Cumaru FSC Hardhout voor Terras en Balken
Overzicht Strand en Terras Katwijk
Team Van den Berg Hardhout hardwood suppliers

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