It is nice to sit down on a Cumaru wooden bench

Street furniture
(city and park benches)

The city of Rotterdam commissioned sustainable seating in the public space. Practical, beautiful and durable street furniture offers passers-by a place to sit. Nowadays strict sustainability requirements are imposed on street furniture. Sustainability is something that Van den Berg Hardwood is involved in on a daily basis. All our hardwood is FSC® certified. This way, we contribute to sustainable forest management. We supplied FSC® Cumaru wood for various benches in the busy port city of Rotterdam.

A number of hardwoods are ideal for wooden street furniture, including Cumaru and Okan. These hardwoods owe their applicability to good customisability and durability. A bench in the outdoor area must have a smooth finish to offer maximum seating comfort. Sustainability is also an important factor. As a municipality, you want as little maintenance as possible for any street furniture. Hardwood, in its highest durability class, lasts for over 25 years. Read more about wooden street furniture here.

Cumaru is a true all-rounder. In addition to many ideal properties, this hardwood from the tropical South America, also has an attractive appearance. The beautiful yellow to red-brown color makes Cumaru hardwood a populair choice for in street furniture amongst other things. Cumaru is a beautiful type of wood that fits well in public spaces in many cities and villages.

Het is fijn vertoeven op een hardhouten Cumaru bank
Banken straatmeubilair Rotterdam
Cumaru als duurzame zitplaats in Rotterdam
100% FSC Cumaru
Team Van den Berg Hardhout hardwood suppliers

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