Composite deck

Out with Composite, enter FSC® Cumaru.

Why should you opt for composites? It is maintenance free, has a nice look and it resembles wood.

A marina in the southwest of the Netherlands must have gotten this idea as well. Composite is made in such a way that it resembles wood. We think it quite strange actually to give plastic a wooden look. So the plastic deck was laid, but not to the satisfaction of the marina and the visitors. Shortly after, the composite deck sagged and broke. This resulted in dangerous situations for the tourists and for the local entrepreneurs. We spoke to the local snack bar owner: 'I've almost seen people tripping with chips in hand, I'm glad things are different now. It couldn’t continue like that.”

The marina received various complaints and decided that the composite deck had to be removed. We were asked by town hall to give advice, which is what we love to do. 'Maintenance-free' composite out, and FSC® certified hardwood in. We advised on the wood species Cumaru and the results are great! The marina now has a beautiful natural looking deck, and as icing on the cake, when using wood for a decking there is almost no nitrogen emission!

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