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The simple fact that you have chosen to buy sustainable hardwood immediately creates a bond between us.


Delivery from stock

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Hardwood for a better world

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Long-term relationships matter to us. Each appreciating what the other does and wanting to do things in return.

The simple fact that you have chosen to buy sustainable hardwood immediately creates a bond between us. And we work to strengthen that bond by providing the right commercial solutions. Solutions in which extra services are frequently crucial.

Online stock information

As a regular customer of Van den Berg Hardhout, you get direct access to our stock system. Meaning real-time insight into the availability of hardwood products.

Split deliveries

Sometimes, certain products are needed before the others, or at a different site. So it's good to know that we are always happy to help by arranging split deliveries. If necessary, every item can be delivered separately. Simply tell us what you want, and we'll arrange it.

Just-in-time delivery

Stock is working capital. And working capital requires careful management. To help you manage yours, we offer just-in-time delivery. Place your order and we'll get everything ready, then deliver when you let us know the products are needed.

Free transport

Every order for three cubic metres of wood or more is delivered free to any address in the Netherlands. If you like, we'll deliver using with a lift-truck lorry, to help you with the unloading.

Swift delivery

Because we maintain large stocks of wood, we can fulfil your order at short notice. We can usually deliver within two working days – we don't keep you waiting until the next scheduled delivery to your area.

Bespoke packing

If you are ordering sustainable hardwood for resale, we can pack our products accordingly. Give us your pack specifications – the number and type of item per pack – and we'll deliver the wood ready to sell. Saving you time and expense.

How may we help you ?

Bespoke packing of hardwood
Split delivery of your hardwood
Delivery of sustainable hardwood
Swift delivery of FSC certified hardwood
Bespoke packing of fsc hardwood
FSC certified wood transport and delivery
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