Muiracatiara timber is often used because of the decorative appearance


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Muiracatiara Hardwood

If you want to make an architectural statement with your facade, Muiracatiara is the perfect type of wood for you. The colour of the heartwood is light orange-brown, with some dark brown 'veins'. This is what gives Muiracatiara its name Tigerwood! In addition to being decorative, the wood is also very durable and strong, so it can take a beating!

Durability class
Class 1.
Strength class

Muiracatiara hardwood is widely used because of its decorative appearance and typical hardwood properties (durable and strong). You will often see this hardwood in horizontal railings, facades, bridge decks and sheet piling. When planed, it becomes very slippery and has a greasy feeling.

Specific gravity
Fresh 1200-1250 kg/m3. At 12% moisture conten 750-900 kg/m3.
Red with black stripes. This type of wood is therefore called Tigerwood.
The colour of the heartwood is light orange-brown, with a variable proportion of dark brown 'veins'. This makes Muiracatiara wood particularly decorative. After exposure to sunlight, the wood quickly turns to an orange-reddish brown to deep red brown. The sapwood is easily distinguishable as it has a straight wire with few irregularities. The grain is fine.
Straight to cross-thread, sometimes slightly wavy.
Timber texture
Fine to moderately coarse.
Natural drying in the open air can be done without any problems. Accelerated drying of Tigerwood can lead to surface cracks.
7700-9600 N.
The Muiracatiara FSC wood is easy to work with, despite the high density. Gluing is reasonable easy and we have good experiences with finishing. Pre-drilling is recommended. The wood dries fairly quickly, but this process must be done carefully to avoid surface cracks in thin wood and longitudinal cracks in thicker wood.
Good. Pre-drilling is necessary.
Finishing of surface
Good with lacquer and varnish. After sanding, finishing and/or lacquering, it can show its beautiful pattern.
Botanical name
Astronium spec. div.
Other names
Gonçalo alves, Kingwood, Tigerwood.
Quality requirements
Muiracatiara is mentioned in the NEN 5493 'Quality requirements for hardwood in earth, road and hydraulic engineering works and other constructive applications.
Low to medium.
FSC® certified Muiracatiara hardwood is available in the Amazon region of Brazil. The trees have a diameter till about 0,6 -1,0 m, with a straight and cylindrical shape and a trunk of about 14-18 m. The sapwood is about 4-10 cm wide
Origin area
Muiracatiara hardwood grows in Tropical Central America and South America.

Muiracatiara hardwood is available in the Forestlines® profile

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