The heartwood of Fava amargosa has a yellow brown colour with a bit green shade

Fava Amargosa

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Hardwood Fava Amargosa

Fava Amargosa is een hardhoutsoort die voornamelijk voorkomt in Tropisch Zuid- en Centraal-Amerika. Het hout is prachtig donkerbruin van kleur en heeft een bijzonder patroon. Fava Amargosa zien wij dan ook veelvuldig terug in gevelbekleding of meubels. Een selectie van toepassingen ziet u in het fotoalbum op deze pagina.

Durability class
Above ground: very durable, at ground contact: modorately durable.

Interior: e.g. carpentry, window frames and doors exterior: e.g. window frames, cladding, doors and garden timber like deckings and underconstructions.

Specific gravity
1100-1200 kg/m3.
Yellow green brown.
The heartwood of Fava amargosa has a yellow brown colour with a bit green shade. It darkens after exposure. The parenchyma around the vessels gives it a stripy appearance. The grain is straight to irregular, sometimes interlocked. The texture is coarse.
Mostly straight.
Timber texture
The timber texture of Fava amargosa wood is rough.
Moderately quick with a small risk of deformation and surface cracks.
Machining goes well, with a slight blunting effect. Pre-drilling is recommended. The finishing and gluing are reported to be good. Drying goes relatively quickly with slight risks of distortion and surface checking.
Botanical name
Vatairea paraensis
Origin area
Tropical South- and Middle-America.
Other names
Faveira amargosa, Angelim Amargosa
FSC Fava Amargosa wood is regularly available in the Amazon region of Brazil. The straight trunk has a diameter of about 60-90 cm and about 4-7 cm wide sapwood. This species is sometimes known as Angelim Amargosa.
Leguminosae (Papilionaceae)
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