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Greenheart Hardwood

The Groenhart (greenheart) wood, also known as Demerara greenheart, grows in Suriname. This hardwood falls under the Ipé group, which contains various species with various properties. If you are looking for a durable type of wood for heavy construction work, then Groenhart wood, which is FSC® certified, might be an appropriate choice.

Durability class
Groenhart wood is classified in durability class 1.

Groenhart is mainly used for heavy construction work, waterworks, bridges and shipbuilding, lock gates and harbour works.

Specific gravity
Fresh 1300 kg/m3. At 12% (950-)970-1020(-1200) kg/m3.
The heartwood of Demerara Groenhart is light to dark olive green, hence the name. This wood is sometimes marked by brown or black stripes.
Straight, cross and tangled thread.
Timber texture
The wood dries very slowly and surface cracks might appear during drying. However, drying is not necessary for most applications.
11100 N.
Due to its high density, demerara greenheart is quite difficult to work with. A smooth finish can be achieved with sharp tools.
Pre-drilling is necessary to avoid splitting.
Finishing of surface
Good, the surface finish of demerara green heart is very good.
Origin area
Tropical South America. Greenheart wood originates from Suriname.
Quality requirements
Greenheart is mentioned in the NEN 5493 'Quality requirements for hardwood in earth, road and hydraulic engineering works and other construction applications.
Background information
This hardwood falls under the Ipé group, which contains various species with various properties.
This tropical hardwood contains auto-protective toxic constituents, which makes it highly resistant to most shipworms. Exceptions are some brackish tropical shipworm species.
Strength class
Want to know the current price of Greenheart hardwood? Please contact us. We only supply FSC® certified Groenhart for responsible forest management.
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