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Tauari Vermelho

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Tauari Vermelho Hardwood

Tauari Vermelho may be a lesser known type of wood, but that doesn't make it any less beautiful. The wood has a caramel-like colour with beautiful markings and patterns. Our Tauari Vermelho wood is FSC® certified and directly available from stock.

Durability class
Class 2.
Specific gravity
At 12% moisture content 500-800 kg/m3.
Tauari Vermelho has a caramel-like colour with slightly darker faint flames and lighter stripes.
Tauari Vermelho wood had Resin passages.
4300-4550 N.
Tauari Vermelho hardwood can be worked well and is well suitable for planing, turning and smooth finishing.
Finishing of surface
Fairly smooth.
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