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Timborana Hardwood

Timborana is rightly called a beautiful and multifunctional type of hardwood. This wood is suitable for facade cladding, decking, constructions and much more. Van Den Berg Hardhout BV has supplied FSC® certified Timborana wood for various projects. You can see a selection of these in the photo album on this page.

Durability class
Class 2.

Timborana wood is suitable for facade cladding, beams, decking and bench boards. Due to its strength, the wood is also used as construction wood.

Specific gravity
Fresh cut 1050 kg/m3. At 12% moisture level 850 kg/m3.
Yellowish red brown.
The heartwood of Timborana wood is easily distinguishable from the sapwood. There are also lighter areas in the wood and it has a nice pattern.
The grain is usually straight, but sometimes irregular or cross-threaded.
Timber texture
Fine to moderately coarse and even.
Slightly difficult and it has a tendency to tear.
Timborana hardwood can be well machined. The planed product becomes beautifully smooth. Bonding and constructive lamination are reported as being done easily.
Difficult, pre-drilling is necessary.
Finishing of surface
Good. Smooth finish can be achieved moderately well.
Other names
Golden Teak, Pikin-misiki, Favinha Prunelha.
Background information
The straight and cylindrical trunk gets a diameter of about 40 – 100 cm. The timborana sapwood is a few cm wide. The large diameters make it possible to produce also larger dimensions.
Most important characteristics

Origin area
FSC® certified Timborana grows in the Amazon region of Brazil.
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