Guariuba hardwood decking

Sustainable hardwood in a residential area

The fourteen beautiful ramps made of the yellow-brown wood from the Guariuba tree look great! Only just completed, they now await an array of dinghies, sun-drenched afternoons and a plethora of barbecues.

For an unambiguous look, the residents opted for the same wood. They wanted to use responsible wood for this purpose in order to contribute to sustainable construction and sensible forestry. In consultation with processor Maarten Heijboer, they ended up at Van den Berg Hardhout.

He advised them to use the beautiful yellow-brown Guariuba. The narrow, 20-50 mm wide, white to light yellow sapwood is clearly distinguishable when fresh from the heartwood, which is bright yellow when fresh and darkens to brown/red brown. An attractive drawing can often be created by wavy wire.

Maarten Heijboer:

“It's a great project. Stimulated by the municipality, fourteen homeowners have opted for tropical FSC® certified hardwood .”

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