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Mandioqueira Hardwood

Mandioqueira hardwood, sometimes called Sucupira Amarela, stands out for its beautiful pinkish brown to reddish brown colour. Its trendy appearance and advantageous properties make Mandioqueira a versatile type of wood. This can also be seen by the many different projects with Mandioqueira wood for which we have supplied the wood. You can see a selection of these projects in the photo album on this page.

Durability class
Without ground contact 1, with ground contact 2
Strength class

Mandioqueira is widely used for outdoor applications such as fencing, decking, wall cladding and panelling. This hardwood is also suitable for wooden constructions under a roof and indoors as parquet.

Specific gravity
Fresh 850-1000 kg/m3, at 12% moisture content 650-750 kg/m3.
Pinkish brown to reddish brown. Without treatment, Sucupira Amarela in the open air becomes gray to a silver gray quite quickly.
The heartwood has a moderate gloss and no noticeable odour when dry. When Mandioqueira is freshly sawn, however, an unpleasant odour can be released.
Straight or irregular or cross-thread.
Timber texture
Medium coarse to coarse.
Mandioqueira wood dries fairly quickly to very quickly, with a risk of deformation.
6100-9100 N Janka.
Mandioqueira wood is moderately easy to saw, good to moderately good to edit, like planing, sanding and turning. Indentations can occur in wood with cross-threads. Some species give a woolly surface and some types contain some pebbles which can dull cutting tools quickly.
Good, but pre-drilling is recommended.
Finishing of surface
Sucupira Amarela can probably be well used for indoor applications.
Origin area
Red mandioqueira hardwood grows in Surinam, French Guyana, Brazil and Peru.
The trees reach a height up to 60 m, with a maximum diameter of 100 cm. The trunk is straight and cilidric. It is possible to produce larger dimensions.
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