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Favinha Hardwood

We think of Favinha as a very aesthetic hardwood. This pearl from Brazil has a beautiful golden yellow colour and a remarkable shine.

Durability class
Class 1
Specific gravity
At 12% moisture content 680-950 kg/m3.
A beautiful golden yellow, but sometimes brown veined heartwood with a remarkable shine. Untreated Favinha will age somewhat over time.
Cross-thread and irregular.
Timber texture
The grain of Favinha wood is moderately coarse.
6530 N Janka.
This type of wood is easy to work with, both by machine and by hand.
Pre-drilling is necessary with Favinha wood.
Finishing of surface
Good, easy and flat.
Botanical name
Enterolobium schomburgkii
Favinha hardwood dries slowly with a risk of cracks or deformation.
Origin area
Favinha hardwood grows in Brazil.
Background information
The Favinha tree can grow to a staggering height of 30 to 40 meters. The trunk can reach a diameter of up to 180cm.

Favinha hardwood is suitable for sheet piles and embankments, walking decks, construction and fenders, as well as bridge decks.

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