Beautiful Ipé Rhombus clad house

Ipé Rhombus façade cladding

Ipé wood is very durable and can be executed in the Rhombus profile, which gives a façade or terrace a luxurious look.

That’s why we weren't surprised when Domburg Bouw knocked on our door for a delivery of FSC®-certified Ipé slats. They were given the assignment to build a modern house with warm elements. Domburg Bouw :”We compared various wood types and treatments. We ende up recommending Ipé Rhombus because it is durable and has an aesthetic appeal. This particular combination assured our client of good quality. ”

Ipé grows in tropical Central- and South America and is green, brown or yellow in colour. The wood has no pronounced markings. 

For this project, part of the façade of the house was covered with horizontally laid Ipé Rhombus slats measuring 20x65mm (head size). The unique Rhombus profile, also known as Wieber profile, gives a high-quality finish to the façade and garden. One advantage of this unique profile is that the spaces between the planks ensure that the underlying material is well ventilated.

Did you know that hardwood featuring the Rhombus profile is versatile enough for building applications and garden fences? View the Villa Nieuwe Horne and Dusseldorp projects for more inspiration, both façades are beautifully clad in Ipé Rhombus.

By using narrow sizes, sawmills are left with fewer by-products. The result: a higher yield from one log. This approach, along with utilizing lesser-known woods like Timborana, is crucial for maintaining economically sustainable responsible forest management. And this is desperately needed to ensure that the forests of our world are preserved, and that biodiversity is not lost!

Ipé Rhombus planken met FSC-keurmerk uit Zuid-Amerika

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