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Angelim Pedra - Sapupira Hardwood

Characteristic for Sapupira, also known as Angelim Pedra, are the gummy or waxy stains that appear in the wood. These stains generally do not affect the quality of the wood and may be decorative for some applications. At our office in Lopik, we have used this characteristic wood for the table in the lunch/meeting room.

Durability class
Class 2.
Strength class

Sapupira hardwood is suitable as construction wood for both interior and exterior windows, doors, interior and exterior panelling, heavy construction projects and bridges.

Specific gravity
Fresh 950-1200 kg/m3. At 12% moisture content 650-850 kg/m3.
Sapupira hardwood is yellow-orange brown to dark brown in colour with characteristic mineral spots.
The heartwood of Sapupira stands out sharply against the 30-100 mm wide yellowish white to grey sapwood. Characteristic for Sapupira are the light to dark brown gum/wax stains that occur in the wood and can be decorative for some applications. The typical smell of the fresh wood disappears after a few weeks.
Straight. Cross-threads and wavy threads can often be seen.
Timber texture
Sapupira wood dries quite slowly, with little distortion. Drying too quickly or carelessly can lead to deformation and hairline cracks.
7650 N.
Good. Manipulating with hand tools is sometimes difficult due to the alternating hard and soft tissues. Machining is fine, but hardened steel cutting tools and correct cutting and rake angles are necessary to ensure the durability of your tools and provide good results.
Mediocre. Pre-drilling is recommended.
Finishing of surface
Good, with a solvent-based paint. Moderate with the current generation of water-based systems. A filler is necessary to obtain a very smooth surface. Some brown leaching may be possible with water-based paints. When finished, the areas of the dark spots may appear as if the wood has been locally "smoothed". These smooth spots can be avoided with paints that have a sufficiently high solids content.
Botanical name
Hymenolobium excelsum Ducke
Other names
Angelin, angelim, sapupira amarela, sapupira amarella, angelim do para, angelim da mata, angelim pedra, angelim da terra, caramate, murarena (Brazil), Saint Martin gris (French Guiana), makkakabbes (Suriname).
Quality requirements
Sapupira wood is mentioned in the KVT '95, Quality of wooden facade elements. This means that sapupira can be used to manufacture frames with a KOMO product certificate.
Leguminosae (Mimosaceae)
Origin area
Angelim Pedra grows in Brazil, Suriname, Guyana.
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